You’ve made a big deal about your new blog.

The website’s got tons of great content.

You’ve built an email list and got tons more followers.

Now what?

There’s a lot of stuff on the page.

So what?

What do you do with all that free time?

What if you don’t have any time?

That’s the premise of a new technique that Twitter has recently been using to keep its platform fresh and user-friendly.

It’s called the “meme machine,” and it lets you build your own, entirely unique, meme-based tweets.

What’s a meme?

According to the definition Wikipedia, a meme is: “a term used in the United States for a popular, well-known image that has spread rapidly through social media, and is typically used in conjunction with a viral image.”

So how does the meme machine work?

First, you build a list of the most popular tweets on Twitter, and the Twitter app creates a list with the most interesting tweets.

(There’s a way to sort it, but this is how I do it, so here’s the code.)

The algorithm then sorts through the list and uses an algorithm to decide which of those tweets will be the meme.

You’ll be able to see the results of this process in the GIF below.

This process is really easy to explain in simple terms.

Twitter tells the app to “rank tweets for relevance” based on a set of factors, including the words the tweet mentions, the number of mentions, how many times it has been shared, and how much attention it has received.

(The app then also gives you an overall rating based on your own tweets.)

Once the algorithm has determined which of the tweets in your list will be trending, it takes that into account and decides which tweets are worthy of being included in your meme.

(If you don, the app will tell you to “upvote” your list.)

If you’re lucky, your meme will be included in the trending list within minutes of it being made.

That’s because the algorithm doesn’t care how popular your meme is—just how viral it is.

The algorithm doesn.

This is what Twitter says about it: We use social media platforms to help users discover and share stories that have a greater impact.

When a story is shared on Twitter and its relevance is determined, the algorithm determines the relevance for that story based on the relevance of all of the Twitter Stories that were shared and shared in the same context.

This allows you to build an experience that’s more relevant to your audience.

Twitter has a long history of creating memes, but the company says it’s adding a new tool to help you with memes.

You can see a demo of the meme-building process below.

How the meme process works When you create a meme, you first need to set up a list on Twitter.

This list will include the most common tweets in the conversation, and it will be automatically updated to include the memes that people are discussing the most.

Then, the Twitter machine uses the list to build a meme that you can share in a tweet.

When you make a meme tweet, you need to include some text in the text box.

(This text is called the body, and you can put anything you want inside it.)

For example, if you have a video on your list that’s funny, the body could say, “That’s a great video!”

The text box will be blank unless you provide an image with it.

Then the tweet will be displayed, along with a link to the video.

The text boxes can be customized and you’ll have the ability to set the text in a variety of ways.

Here’s an example of a Tweet that will be used in this example: That’s a fantastic video!

If you want to include a GIF in your Tweet, you can include a link directly to it on your blog.

Or you can just embed it in a video.

Or just include a meme on your Twitter profile.

The best part about the meme generator is that it’s entirely automatic.

The only things you need is your Twitter account and a bit of imagination.

There are dozens of other things you can do to customize the tweet and build a memorable meme.

Here are a few of the things you could do with the generator.

Tweeting a meme to your followers: If you’ve been following your blog and Twitter followers closely, you might be tempted to just share a few random, funny memes.

It might work.

But then the meme would probably get shared on your feed.

That could be a good thing.

But there are a lot more reasons to make sure that you’re making a meme.

In addition to the ease of building your own meme, the meme maker has an even more important function.

You have to make it interesting, and your audience might be distracted by something else, like a news story.

The more interesting your meme gets, the more likely it is to get shared

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