People have always wanted to save their photos and video on their phones, but it’s been a struggle to keep them on hand for those occasions when they can’t.

With Google’s new Photos app, the company is finally making it easier to do so.

The new app, which launched in October, lets users upload a photo or video and then share it with a friend or family member, who can then delete it from their phone’s storage.

It’s a great way to keep a picture or video of your loved one with you.

The app lets you choose to upload a file that contains your location, phone number, and the date it was taken.

Once that file is uploaded, the app will prompt you to delete the file if you want it deleted.

If you choose not to delete a file, the Google Photos app will automatically save the file to your phone’s internal storage, and you can access it from the Google Drive or Google Drive Cloud folder.

After a while, you’ll need to manually upload the file again.

When you upload a new file, you’re prompted to create a backup copy of the file, which Google says is necessary to prevent the new file from being overwritten by the old file.

That way, if a mistake is made while creating the backup, you can revert back to the original file.

If Google decides to delete an old photo or a video, you have to manually delete the files from the phone’s memory.

You’ll need the device to be unlocked and unlocked to the backup file, and that’ll likely be the case with the Android 5.0 Lollipop update.

Google also has a new feature in the Photos app that will automatically upload photos to your device if you leave the app running.

This feature is particularly useful for people who are having trouble keeping track of all the photos that are on their phone.

It also lets you take pictures and videos without worrying about the apps having access to the data they’re storing.

With the new Google Photos feature, Google says you can upload photos and movies to your Android device, and delete them without having to worry about it accessing your device’s storage, just as you would with any other app.

Google’s Photos app is available now for $0.99 in the Play Store.

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