A recent study found that people watch more video on smartphones than on TV.

A lot of the time it’s because they’re watching something they’ve been interested in for a long time, said Matt Stoddard, chief marketing officer for Noche, the French digital media company that has been developing apps for Apple and Google’s Android devices.

Noche’s app is called The Monster, and it lets users view, listen and share video on their phones while sitting in front of their TV.

But while you’re watching the Monster on your phone, you can use it to watch content in real time with your friends.

Stoddards team also made a tool called Media Jobs that lets you create and share media for the media companies you follow.

You can get this app from Google Play.

For now, the app is only available for Apple TV, but Noche hopes to expand to other Apple devices.

You just have to tap a photo, and you’ll get a thumbnail that shows the video, Stoddords app shows.

The app shows a video on your television and lets you quickly choose the channels you want to watch, and then click the play button.

The video starts playing, and once you’ve watched a few minutes of the video on the Monster, you’re able to delete the app and save the video.

Once you’ve listened to the video in your phone or on your computer, you’ll see a list of all of the channels in the Monster app.

If you want, you could also take a screenshot of the whole thing and share it.

But the best part is that the app does all of this while you are watching it.

Stodards team has a lot of experience creating apps for other media companies.

He spent the past few years working with the French media conglomerate Al Jazeera, where he designed a video-sharing app called AlJazeerai.

But he’s been particularly excited about working on Noche and its media apps.

When the app was first announced, Stodard said it was the most difficult he’d ever worked on.

He said the team was already working on some new features to the app, like a social networking section where users can create profiles and share their favorite news stories.

He also said Noche has been using a lot more social data than other companies, and the team has been working hard to use this data to improve the app.

“The more we’ve been able to do with that data, the more valuable it is to the audience,” Stodars team said.

“That’s why we think that’s so important.”

Stoddars team has had a lot to learn about the way news gets consumed in the United States.

The number of people who watch CNN, Fox News and other TV news programs is at a record high, according to data from Nielsen.

And while the number of viewers for the most popular news networks is still higher than ever, CNN is now the number one source of news in the U.S. Stoods said the main challenge was that the content that people were seeing on these platforms was often so bad that it was hard to understand why people were watching.

“There are things that are so bad and so stupid that it’s hard to keep track of,” Stoodds team said in a statement.

“It’s a difficult task to understand, but we’re working on it.”

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