By KEVIN GARRIET Source Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed’s article “Cox Media” (which is owned by AT&T and Time Warner), “a major media company, has been making a lot of noise lately about its attempts to create a fake news meme about ‘Pizzagate.’

That meme was created in response to the #PizzaGate investigation.

It’s been circulating for some time and now, as of this week, it’s now officially a meme, and I think the meme has actually gained traction.”

Cox says its goal is to create the meme “to generate controversy and stir up controversy about the ongoing #Ponzagate investigation and the investigation by the FBI.”

Thats all well and good, except, according to Buzzfeed, the meme is really not fake news, it was “designed to generate controversy about alleged child sex abuse by a high-profile person in the restaurant industry.”

Buzzfeed’s sources say, in the context of the meme, it is “not fake news,” and the meme does not contain any child pornography or child trafficking.

“CXM is clearly using the internet for propaganda purposes,” one source told Buzzfeed.

“They have taken the meme to a place where it can be used by people to push conspiracy theories and create a false narrative that the investigation is a witch hunt.”

Another source told the outlet, “If this is real, it would be a great way to stir up fake news.

They can use it to make people think it’s true.”

Another article from Buzzfeed describes the meme as “a series of fake pictures of the top-tier restaurant executives, with the caption, ‘We’re working on it.

Just to give you an idea of what it might look like.'”

Cox’s fake news campaign has been around for months.

Earlier this month, BuzzFeed reported on the campaign, which had spread like wildfire, and was used to spread the fake news about the pizza investigation.

According to Buzzs sources, the first person who noticed the meme had been using the meme in the form of a Facebook post about the investigation, but had also been using it on Twitter, and that the account had been suspended by Twitter.

Buzzfeed says that the campaign was being promoted by the same person who created the meme and the account, who is the CEO of Cox Media Group.

Buzzfeed notes that this is the first time that the company has come under fire for trying to create fake news on Facebook and Twitter, so it is likely that this may be the start of an investigation by law enforcement.

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