Posted September 01, 2019 08:19:16 A group of New Hampshire school teachers has released a new report on the state’s education system that says the state is lagging far behind other states in its efforts to educate and prepare its public school students for the digital age.

The National Education Association (NEA) released a report titled “Digital Learning in Public Schools: Lessons Learned,” this week to coincide with the release of a new textbook, “Digital Lessons: How to Engage Your Children in Digital Education.”

The NEA’s report states that public school educators must be able to teach and engage students on a range of digital platforms.

The NEA also recommends that teachers be able communicate digital content to students in ways that will help them understand how to navigate a digital world.

“It’s an important conversation for teachers to be able with a child that’s not as used to a tablet or phone,” NEA President and CEO Linda Wiebe said.

“But it’s also about the teacher, and the teacher needs to be part of that conversation.”

The report highlights the need for teachers and school administrators to use technology to teach digital skills and engage with students who are still learning how to read and write.

“Digital learning is going to be critical in how we teach our students and how we engage our students,” Wiebbe said in a statement.

“The best way to learn how to communicate digitally is to be in touch with the students, to be on their computers.

If they can’t access it, they need to have access to the information.”

While the NEA said it is a start in its campaign to educate teachers and students about digital literacy, there are many more issues to be addressed, including how to best teach digital literacy in a classroom setting.

The report says that many teachers struggle with digital literacy because they are not comfortable sharing and communicating with students online.

The authors of the report said the best way for teachers in the digital world to teach the skills required to be digital literate is through hands-on learning.

“Teachers and principals need to be prepared to use a digital platform and work collaboratively with students to engage students in their learning experience,” Wiesbe said, “so that they can help create digital learning environments that are interactive and engaging.”

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