Fox News Channel’s “The Bachelor” has been criticized for its treatment of women in its casting process.

A new video from a group of women who’ve had their résumés and roles rescinded for using a racial slur has sparked outrage, and some are calling for the network to apologize.

“The #Bacheloretts casting process has been plagued by racism and sexism,” the group wrote on Twitter.

“We were told we were ‘the hottest’ and ‘the perfect’ by our own network.

We were told that if we weren’t ‘perfect,’ then we weren’t ‘bachelorettes.’

We were ‘white trash’ and treated like we didn’t matter.

#TheBachelotss#Bachelor in all of its glory.”

In a statement to The Washington Post, Fox News president Kevin Reilly said, “We’ve been committed to diversity and inclusion at Fox News for more than a decade.

We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind and we are committed to improving our workplace culture.”

Reilly also said the network is committed to “strengthening the leadership of our diversity team.”

The video, which was released by a group called “Feminist Activists for Free Speech” and titled “Black People Are Not the Only Ones Using Racial Bias to Score,” was posted on Facebook on Friday by “The Big Bunch,” an online feminist group that promotes anti-racism.

In it, a white woman is asked if she wants to join the “Bachelors” casting party and is told, “If you’re not white and you don’t look like us, you aren’t a bachelorett.”

The woman replies, “It’s just like ‘The Bachelor’!” The video goes on to show a group that includes a woman of color and a white man.

The video ends with the man saying, “And if you’re going to be an ‘Bachelor’ I’m sure you’re doing something right.”

The “Bachelor” casting process is the first major step in the “reality” TV show’s process of finding the next contestant.

Fox News has a long history of hiring and promoting black contestants in the past.

Earlier this year, Fox hired former NAACP president Ben Jealous to be the host of the network’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The show’s producer, Howard Gordon, was fired in 2014 after his network refused to host him on the show, saying that his hiring would cause “racial anxiety.”

“The ‘Bachelorettes’ cast has faced discrimination and abuse for years and we’re proud of them for speaking up,” the women wrote in their statement.

“Unfortunately, the reality show has been hijacked by white men who have turned the show into a platform for hate and misogyny.”

The Women’s March on Washington was scheduled for Saturday, but the group says they’re not taking part in the rally because they “are disappointed with the lack of respect and sensitivity shown toward our experiences.”

The group also said that while they appreciate the opportunity to speak out against racism in television, “it is important to recognize that the network will continue to host ‘The Bachelor’ as a reality show.”

The hashtag #TheBeyonceBlackCast has been trending on Twitter after the video, with many people saying they’re boycotting the show.

“You have to say #TheBlackCast,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“They have not been nominated and arent even on the reality TV show.

The cast is a black woman and the producers are white.

#Beyonce #TheBlacks arent on the network.”

The network’s response to the backlash has been less than helpful.

“A statement from our media team on our ‘The Black Cast’ video,” Fox News tweeted on Friday, in response to criticism about the video.

“This has nothing to do with racism or sexism.

We have zero tolerance for racism and misogyny in our workplace.”

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