On Monday, the New York City paper published a story about its own “fake news” that was “part of a larger effort to combat what the paper’s editor-in-chief calls ‘viral’ news.”

The article reported that a fake news site had posted a false claim that President Trump had been killed in an assassination attempt.

But the fake news was fake news.

The New Yorker’s story about the fake story was not fake news, and it was not a hoax.

It was a story based on fact.

As I’ve said before, fake news is not a newsworthy topic.

That’s because the story is not factual.

It’s a fabrication, and we can all agree that it should not be considered newsworthy.

But, the fact that the New Yorker chose to use a fake story about Trump’s death in an attempt to attack the paper is not newsworthy in the same way that a story that falsely claimed President Obama was born in Kenya was not news worthy.

A fake news story that misrepresents a legitimate story can be used to make a point.

That was what happened with the fake Trump story.

The fake story had to be debunked.

But that wasn’t what the New Yorkers’ article was about.

It wasn’t about Trump or the president’s assassination.

It is a piece of journalism designed to attack one person.

And that person is the New Times.

It doesn’t matter if Trump is dead, he was assassinated, or he wasn’t.

It matters only that someone published a false story about him.

That is what is happening here.

And the fact is, the fake article about Trump was not based on truth.

That, of course, is not what is being reported in the NewYorkTimes.com story.

That story was about a fake Newsbusters site, called “The Resistance,” that has published a number of articles attacking the New American Century Foundation, the nonprofit organization that Trump founded and which has been critical of Trump’s policies.

The story was based on the false claim made by a person named “Jack Posobiec,” who runs a site called InfoWars.com, which is a propaganda site that has frequently been critical on the topic of the fake “Trump assassination” story.

InfoWars is run by Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who has also been a frequent guest on Fox News, but he has been largely silent on the fake Times article.

The site, InfoWars, which has an audience of millions, has published articles attacking journalists, politicians, academics, and journalists.

It has a track record of attacking media organizations, including the NewAmerican Century Foundation.

The website also publishes false and misleading articles, which it uses to attack and smear critics of its political and ideological opponents.

The “Resistance” website, like InfoWars and other fake NewsBusters sites, relies on “trolls” and other social media accounts to spread its false information, including through false claims of “fake” or “false news.”

But, unlike the Fake Newsbusters website, which relies on people to spread their falsehoods, the “Resist” website is a site that is controlled by a single person who is an “entrepreneur” who is paid by the fake Newsbuster site to spread falsehoods.

In other words, the Times story is a false narrative designed to spread false information about a president who is not alive.

It isn’t a story of a president being assassinated.

It relies on the “resistance” site to peddle false, false and malicious claims about Trump and his administration.

This is not the first time that fake news has been used by the Times to attack people.

In February, the newspaper published a piece called “Trump’s Ex-Flawed ‘Hire’ Was a ‘Bunch of Trolls’ and ‘Bitch,’ Says Former Trump Press Secretary” that claimed that a former “Trump press secretary” had been “faking a job offer to join the campaign” to support Donald Trump’s candidacy.

The article went on to claim that the former “press secretary” was “a member of a small group of people who have been using fake news to push Trump’s agenda.”

That article, which was published by the New England Journal of Medicine, was false.

The Journal has published many articles that are critical of the Trump administration, and that has been cited in articles by the real Newsbusters.

But a false report about a former press secretary who was allegedly using a fake job offer for political purposes to support Trump was, in fact, a fabricated story.

So, the false article about a Trump press secretary was a false, fabricated piece of news that the Times published to attack a person who had made a fake statement about a presidential candidate.

The Times story was false because it was based solely on the allegation that a “former Trump press chief” had used a fake, false job offer.

That article was based

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