The latest technology for cinema is now coming online in Ireland.

In a move that will shake up the industry, the National Film and Television Board (NFT) will open a new digital media lab on Monday to showcase the latest innovations in cinema.

The lab, in the Dáil Chamber, will be housed at the Dail, and will offer a wide range of digital and interactive experiences to consumers.

It will be run by the Department of Digital Innovation and Arts and Arts Minister, Pádraig Mac Lochlainn, who has long been a vocal supporter of the online experience.

He has been involved in a number of initiatives that have seen the creation of a vast range of technology for the industry including the creation and launch of the NFU Ireland platform in 2019.

In October, the NFI launched a portal to offer access to a wide array of new digital content including films, television and interactive TV content.

In June, the company launched its latest innovation, a mobile app for cinemas and cinemas’ audiences to enjoy a range of new films including the film Spotlight, starring the likes of Mark Strong and Naomi Watts.

It also launched its new digital hub and the NFS, a new portal for the development of new technology for cinemasers, which launched in May.

While the launch of a new lab is welcomed by many, it has also been criticised by some in the industry who say it is being pushed by the Irish government.

Its also unclear if the new lab will be able open before the end of the year.

This story originally appeared on The Irish Independent

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