A study by a team of psychologists at the University of California, Berkeley, has concluded that Donald Trump is more likely to make you cry than his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The study, published in the journal Psychological Science, found that the more Trump was praised, the more likely you were to cry.

This finding is not surprising, because Trump’s supporters often refer to him as “The Boss,” a term often associated with authoritarian leaders, and many of his supporters, like many Americans, hold a strongly negative view of his personality.

But the fact that the emotional impact of praise and admiration is stronger for a man than a woman, who is often described as “emotional” by Trump supporters, surprised Dr. Steven Pifer, who was not involved in the study.

“What’s surprising about this study is that Trump supporters were more likely than Clinton supporters to say Trump was emotionally manipulative,” Pifer said.

“That’s quite significant.”

In the study, researchers recruited 150 undergraduate students.

Half of them completed a short questionnaire about their political views.

The other half watched a clip of Trump saying that he’d be willing to take a $10 million check from China to keep the US in the World Trade Organization.

In that clip, Trump praised China for being “so strong” and said that he was “looking forward to getting our country back on track.”

In addition to Trump, the researchers included three other men: retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, former Massachusetts Gov.

Mitt Romney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Trump’s name was also added to the questionnaire after being identified as a candidate in a video produced by the group, The Trump Train.

It was the third Trump-related video to be released during the presidential campaign.

Pifer believes that the video and other videos produced by Trump’s team during the campaign may have encouraged more Trump supporters to turn out and vote.

Penders is the author of several books on psychology and public affairs, including How To Be a Celebrity: How to Get People to Like You and The Power of Influence: How Leaders Create Success, Influence and Influence.

Trump has a history of controversial statements, including a 2015 video in which he called African Americans “superpredators.”

He was criticized for using a racial slur against Black people.

Piers also told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that Trump’s comments about African Americans and African Americans’ children were “deeply racist.”

Trump has also called the Black Lives Matter movement an attempt by “the left” to take over the United States and that it has no political agenda.

In the video, Trump also said that the Black Panthers were a “very violent group” that should be wiped out.

“They were, you know, totally nonviolent, you can look them up.

They were very violent, but they were very nonviolent.

They had no political goals,” Trump said.

Pender said that when Trump talks about “black” people and “black lives,” he’s not talking about African-Americans or African-American lives.

“If you’re talking about the Black lives, he’s talking about people who have no right to exist,” Penders said.

Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump was also questioned on a number of other issues during his campaign.

He said during a September rally in Iowa that he “loves the fact I get to speak to you tonight, because it’s so important, because you’re the most influential people in this country,” and that he would not use the word “radical” in reference to Muslims.

Pears added that it’s clear that Trump believes that Muslim Americans have a right to live in America, but “that’s a lie.”

In an interview with The New York Times, Trump said he didn’t want to be associated with radical Islamic terrorism.

He also said he has never heard of “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Trump also called on members of Congress to “do something about radical Islamic terror.”

Penders, who has worked as a social psychologist for more than 25 years, said that Trump “seems to believe that every person who is perceived as having a different opinion is somehow a terrorist.”

The study also found that a strong positive relationship between positive and negative reinforcement and empathy was present in a range of responses.

In response to a question about how he feels about Trump’s rhetoric, a man who identifies as a Trump supporter responded, “I really like that, because he really knows how to handle himself.”

Pifer says that Trump may be using positive reinforcement and other forms of social influence to boost his image among his supporters.

“I think that he’s using his bully pulpit to try to create a more appealing image, because that is an appealing image,” Pines said.

But Piers said that positive reinforcement is “not a magic bullet” to help someone feel better.

“It’s not really a cure for anything,” he said.

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