The word ‘diverse’ in Australia’s dictionary is no longer used.

But there are plenty of reasons why Australia needs to ditch its word “diversity” in the coming months.

The word has been used for years to refer to the Australian population in general, but the current government has decided to change it.

Read moreHere are the main reasons why:Diversity can be hard to defineThere is no easy way to categorise the population of Australia.

A large proportion of the population is defined by race and ethnicity, and the word is also used to refer only to the Asian, black and Aboriginal population.

But diversity can be difficult to define.

The word itself is ambiguous and its definition can be influenced by the language it is used in.

“We’ve got to get rid of the words that are used as racial or ethnic benchmarks, or even as racial and ethnic markers,” said Mark D’Amico, the CEO of the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

He said the word should be reserved for “the people who live in our country”.

“We have to go back to using the word ‘Australian’ as an identifier for the people of Australia, not just the people in our state,” he said.

The government is also considering making it illegal for someone to refer the Australian community to a “community” if they are not part of the group as defined in the dictionary.

And the words “social media” and “diverse” are being considered by the government to be too divisive.

“They’re creating a divide in our society,” D’amico said.

He wants the government not to use the words to “define our identity”.

“They’ve created a political climate in which people have been bullied to a point where they feel like they have no voice and that there is no alternative to the government’s policies.”

Read moreThe word “social” was used to define the Australian public in the 1980s, when social media was still in its infancy, but it is no more.

And “divergent” was a catch-all term for “differing”, which has also been used to describe the Australian culture, from art to fashion.

And it is hard to see how the word “Australian” can be used to make a difference when people in other countries have been called “foreigners” or “disfigured” for different reasons, D’ amico said, because “there is no difference”.

There is a sense of “a sense of national identity”There is another reason why we can’t use the word to make an argument about Australia’s identity.

In Australia, we call ourselves “Australian”, but many people say they do not like to be called Australians, or the word can be confused with another Australian name, such as “English” or even “Scottish”.

D’ amicos group is calling for a “national identity” and a “strong sense of Australian identity” in a statement issued this week.

“For too long, the word has given rise to a sense in many Australians that we are separate, and that our identities and cultural traditions are not of equal value,” the statement said.

“The word ‘Australia’ should be the first thing people use when talking about Australia, and not used to mean ‘people in Australia’.”

Australia is a great nation and the Australian people are proud of it, but Australia has been made up of many different cultures, traditions and languages.

Australians should be able to use their own identity to define their own country, and this should not be an impediment to that identity.

“We don’t have enough words to describe who we are as AustraliansD’Amicos said the words can be a barrier to people in countries with very different ways of life, such the US, where many people call themselves “Mexicans”.”

People often refer to us as ‘Mexicans’ or ‘Bolivians’ or even ‘Guatemalans’, which is a term that is quite derogatory,” he explained.”

When people say ‘Australian’, we don’t need a word to define our identity.

We don’t want to define ourselves by our ethnicity.

We’re a diverse society.

“There are a number of ways to think about the words used by the Australian government.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, for instance, says the word diversity can refer to different ethnic groups, but that there are a variety of terms used in the context of the census that can also be used.”

If the census were to be conducted in a way that allowed people to express their ethnic identity, then diversity would be one of the best descriptors available to describe Australia,” the ABS said.

But the ABS also notes there are other words that can be applied to Australians.

It said “diversify” and its related term “dire” have been used in Australia to describe Aboriginal people.

It also said “social engineering” is used to denote discrimination against non-

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