A hurricane is a big deal for car owners in the US.

Hurricane Matthew has caused extensive damage to the roads and highways of the US and is expected to bring heavy rains and storm surge, potentially damaging a number of major bridges.

But there is a more pressing problem in the wake of the storm: Hurricanes are getting bigger.

The storm, which is forecast to be the strongest hurricane to hit the US in more than 100 years, has now brought sustained winds of 115mph (185km/h) to Florida.

The storm has left at least two people dead and brought heavy rains to some areas.

But if you’ve ever driven a car in the Caribbean, the number of hurricanes and other tropical storms in one year is much greater than the number expected in a year, according to a new study.

According to the US National Hurricane Center, there are about 2,400 tropical cyclones in the Atlantic, with more than 1,300 expected to hit in 2017.

Of those, there were about 3,000 in 2017, or around one every 24 hours.

In the same year, there was about 2.4 tropical storms, or about once every 16 hours.

But a hurricane season is different to a regular year.

A hurricane season lasts about 30 days, with the peak of the hurricane season in mid-June, before it passes into the Pacific.

And in 2017 alone, there have been 645 hurricanes, or nearly one every 18 hours.

The US has seen more than 800 tropical storms so far this year, and the Atlantic basin is currently seeing another record high of 454.

But the number will likely increase if there is another big storm, such as the one expected to impact Florida.

As of Friday morning, the US has a record total of 5.3 billion deaths, and more than 17 million of those are linked to the severe weather events that have been occurring.

That’s the total number of people who died in Florida as of August 31, 2017, according the Florida Department of Health and Human Services, which also noted that the state was already on track for record-high numbers of deaths in the coming months.

The National Hurricane Centers forecast that the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico will be “more dangerous” this year due to hurricanes, with strong tropical storms and more frequent storm surges, and an increase in the number and intensity of tornadoes.

It’s likely the storm surge that’s bringing the Florida coast into hurricane territory will continue into the week, said Mark Cramer, director of the Florida chapter of the American Meteorological Society.

A hurricane can cause the coast to become completely underwater for days, but there are more extreme and destructive conditions in the ocean, he said.

The Florida Keys and portions of the Atlantic Ocean are already in “extreme and catastrophic” condition, Cramer said.

There are currently a lot of storm surge warnings, but Cramer added that the Florida Keys are unlikely to experience the worst of the storms as long as the hurricane track stays north-south.

However, a hurricane that makes landfall in the state could make landfall anywhere in the south, where it could bring devastating flooding to coastal areas, particularly in areas like Key West and Florida Keys, and inland areas such as Naples, Palm Beach, Miami and Pensacola.

As far as what the storm could bring to the Keys, Cramers prediction is that it will be a “super-hurricane” that will cause “massive flooding” along the coast and could create flash flooding in areas.

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