The social media giants have been forced to take a tough stance in the face of increasing abuse and harassment.

Social media companies are now required to report their users’ information, including names, addresses, and phone numbers to the US government.

This is expected to save lives, and help police and other agencies understand the threats and abuse being directed at people online.

In the United States, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced in April that the social media platforms must share data about accounts that have been flagged by law enforcement agencies as having a history of harassment and abuse.US Senator Patrick Leahy, who introduced the bill in March, said he would ask Facebook and Twitter to share more information, but he added that the government does not want to have “hundreds of millions of users” using these platforms without knowing what is happening.

“These platforms have been the foundation of our democracy and free speech for decades, but the abuse of the platforms, and the abuse against them, is a problem,” he said in a statement.

The new law will require social media companies to provide data about who has posted content and who has engaged in abusive behavior.

It also requires companies to report abusive content and threats to law enforcement, which may lead to civil fines or criminal penalties.

Users will also be required to disclose their identity to law enforcements, as well as to their family members, employers, and others.

The bill also allows users to report abuse, threats, and harassment through the social networks’ online reports.

Companies can take up to five days to respond to an inquiry.

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