A new tablet that Sony has described as “one of the most powerful” yet could be revealed at the company’s upcoming CES press event on Thursday, the company said.

The MediaPad, a tablet with a 1080p display that can connect to Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, is expected to be announced on stage at the event.

Sony said in a blog post on Wednesday that it will be introducing a new device that it has called “the first multimedia tablet to feature Sony’s new Cloud Play feature.”

Sony said it has been working on a new gaming device for about two years, but the device has yet to be launched.

The company said that the MediaPad “is the first multimedia device that has fully supported Sony’s Cloud Play, allowing the player to share a game with up to four other people in the same living room.”

The Media Pad is “an exciting new gaming experience that combines the power of a PlayStation 4 with the convenience of a tablet,” Sony said.

“The MediaPortal 2.0 allows gamers to seamlessly share a wide range of games across a variety of devices, including a smartphone, tablet, PC and PS4.

The MediaPortals also provide connectivity to other devices through Bluetooth.”

The tablet is the first gaming device that Sony said would be compatible with the PlayStation 4, but it has not announced a price yet.

The new device will be available in Europe on October 27, with the US on November 4.

Sony has previously said it is aiming to launch the MediaPortables in Europe and Asia sometime in the second half of 2017.

The tablet will come with Sony’s cloud gaming service, which allows users to share and stream games from PlayStation 4 and other devices, but Sony also said that it is also working on more innovative features for the device.

Sony also showed off the MediaPlay, which is an advanced video sharing feature that allows users share their own content from the device and the cloud.

The device is expected in Europe sometime in September.

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